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    Lightbulb A C Tray Program


    I want to write a simple C program which shows a set message, for say, "Hi!" every hour. In order for this program to be in running state, I want it to go to the System Tray of the Windows Taskbar so that is continuosly running.

    Further, to enchance this program we can get it executed when Windows starts up.

    Can anybody demonstrate how to achive that? I'm sure somebody will come up with an example!



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    A web search would probably find an example (or 10) as well.
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    I have come across an example but it is meant for C#


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    This should go in the Windows section.

    Here's what you are looking for if you want to do it with the Win32 API:

    If you don't have a lot of knowledge with the Win32 API, it might be easier to do it using a .NET language, like C# or VB .NET. Then, this is what you would look for

    As for launching the program when your computer start, well, start by writing your application and then just do a quick search on the internet and you'll find out.
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    When searching for solutions related to WinAPI it doesn't matter what language you stumble on because every function is used in the same way in any language. For example, I use a WinAPI VB reference which has prooven very useful, but I program in C.
    Again, people, use google: - Autorun -Tray
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