Thread: Trimming the fat out of my code for an Array

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    Yes, thank you, Matsp! I needed that coffee more than I thought - it has been fixed.

    @MK, it's a selection sort, but set up to sort on two keys, instead of just one.

    Very similar to a bubble sort. It's slightly faster, in my testing, and easier to memorize.

    I tend to use it for my odd and small job, sorting. It's no Quicksort, but on small
    sets it's excellent.
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    Thanks again Adak, I won't use your code for my work (it's for a school project - and I've now got it 90% completed) but I'll def. have a play with it at home and get my head around it


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    You're very welcome, Katipo. I didn't learn this stuff out of thin air, myself.

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