Thread: working with files in C

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    working with files in C

    How to copy data from an existent file to a new file inserting a line numbers at the begining of each line?
    The original file are paragraphs and I have to copy the paragraphs into another file inserting a line of numbers on each line.


    original file
    undojvndfojvndfjvndfjvndfj vdfjnvdjfvn dfvjndfv dfvlndfvjdfvn


    copy of the original file into the new one
    1. ibvevbelfvbeflvhbefvbh
    2. uedvheunv
    3. undojvndfojvndfjvndfjvndfj vdfjnvdjfvn dfvjndfv dfvlndfvjdfvn
    5. dfvjefvnef
    6. efgioergerngenfg

    and so forth


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    Did you not like our responses to your same question in your other post???
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    haha Dino, I don't think he read it.

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