Thread: trouble printing linked list

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    Thumbs down trouble printing linked list

    thank you for helping
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    That's because you're not reading them properly . Do a bit of error checking in your fscanf() and you'll probably find out it's not reading everything you want.

    For example (just match the colours up to see what's read):

    fscanf(fPIn, "%s%s%d%d%s%d%d", ...);
    Peter Griffin   1 111-11-1111 May 9, 1965
    The underlined part isn't read (By this call anyway), thus those numbers remain uninitialized (or random as you call them).

    Also, you have a buffer overflow (well a potential one), for example what if someone has name bigger than char fName[MAX];? Perhaps use fgets() and sscanf()
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    Look at this:
    fscanf(fPIn, "%s%s%d%d%s%d%d"
    and this:
    Peter Griffin   1 111-11-1111 May 9, 1965
    and note that a ',' is not a whitespace.

    Possible solutions is not putting the , in the file or doing something like:
    fscanf(fPIn, "%s%s%d%d%s%d,%d"
    which migh work (never seriously using scanf). But the generally that way you skip specific characters.

    edit: or probably you need be
    fscanf(fPIn, "%s %s  %d %d-%d-%d %s %d, %d"

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    Simply use this in conjunction with your current code to print dates in a readable format.

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