Thread: calculating the frequency of a word !

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    Unhappy calculating the frequency of a word !

    hello guys,
    who would like to help create a function that calculates the number of a specific word (entered by the user) in a text. the program should continue reading the text until it finds a dot (.)
    the prototype should be : int countWordInText(char* text, int size, char* wordToCount);
    ps : scanf( ) is not appropriate since the text may contain spaces and new lines. e.g. a paragraph.
    The text will have as a sentinel a dot .
    Have 200 as a MAX_SIZE for the text,

    thank you

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    What sort of "help"?

    If you're looking for a free answer on a plate, then move on.

    Otherwise, post your best effort to date, and ask a specific question, like
    "Here's my code, it reads a line, how do I extract words from the line"
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    good luck.

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