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    if( spare_time == TRUE )

    Ok.. After doing some seriuos reading on C, programming in general and some basic priciples of *nix programming, I've managed to put together a small piece of code...

    This is my first actuall program that really does something, so what i'm looking for
    is that someone "proffesional", could take a look at it, and perhaps give me some
    pointers on "how i'm doing". eg. bad habits, bad solutions.. Since I'm learning this stuff by my self, I don't have the ability to "grade" my self..

    So a small objective perspective on stuff would be deeply appreciated..

    Attached file: Small app that plays PCM data..

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    Just glancing at it, it looks good to me. I didn't see any glaring errors or bad style, I'd say you're very much on the right track.

    >This is my first actuall program that really does something
    Have you practiced with toy programs or is this one of your first tries? If it's the latter I'd like to know what you read, because I've seen people program for a year or two and have it look worse than that.

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