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    FAR Pointer

    what is a far pointer ?

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    An indication that the compiler and/or reference material you're reading are WAY too old.
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    Back in the Old Days, the x86 DOS memory was set up in pages. You had a local page, and you had the non-local or FAR memory pages, pointers to which could be given with the FAR keyword, in Turbo C/C++.

    Thankfully nowadays, the memory is a flat memory model, so the FAR descriptor is no longer needed, on a modern compiler.

    IMO if you program code calls for a FAR memory pointer, you can simply ignore it, but do consider seriously upgrading your compiler if it uses the FAR keyword.

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    NEAR and FAR are from WIN16 and obsolete in WIN32 or WIN64.

    Both are defined in WINDEF.H as blank strings.
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