Thread: Little bit of variable declaration syntax

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    Little bit of variable declaration syntax

    Hi, there's a little bit of syntax I can't seem to find advice on through Google. The following struct has members with a colon and then a number afterward, is this the value to which the variable is to be first set?

    struct {
            unsigned myVariable:1;

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    No, it's the number of bits you want the variable to have. In this instance, the value is 1 bit, which means that the only possible values are 0 and 1.

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    Awesome, thanks!

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    Such code is used to force padding of the structure to fit within certain boundaries, ideal for embedded system architectures.

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    Not only. It's ideal to assign the bits within the structs.
    It's only a shame that the use of it is usually non-portable due to alignment.
    But it's useful is you know data is compromised of n number of bits of n sections with data.
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