Thread: i just need some quick advice...

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    i just need some quick advice...

    ok...i don't need anyone to write this program for me or give me any code...i just want some advice on what i could and should use to do this program...arrays, loops, functions...just a general overview would help me out so much...but remember, i'm a you help me out...don't get too advanced on

    Write a program to keep a budget. There are five numbered budget categories: 1 for food, 2 for housing, 3 for clothing, 4 for utilities, and 5 for entertainment. The program will display the categories, showing the number of each category, and then the user and the program will refer to categories by number rather than name. The user may name any category by number and then enter an amount. The program records the amount spent and keeps track of the total amount spent in each category. When the user indicates that he or she wants to see the totals, the program prints out the amount spent in each category and the total amount spent in all categories combined. The user may enter more amounts after seeing the total and may ask for a new total later on.

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    print menu
    get menu choice
    . if(adding expense)
    . increment expense var
    . else if (printing expense)
    . print expense value

    Kinda get it?

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