Thread: Pseudotty troubles, reads not being done right

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    Pseudotty troubles, reads not being done right

    Hi group,
    I have written a C program that uses Pseudo TTYs calls, The program work with some
    • character are not read immediately read.
    • man causes a program exit
    • up arrow does not display recalled command
    • top does not exit after 'q' until I hit enter.
    These are some of the problems.

    I use termios to set the PTSs to non-canonical, vtime = 0, vmin = 1, which should allow reading a single chartacter but it does not?

    The program uses a pair pf PTS to call 'bash' and communicate to/from to the program.

    The program can be found at:

    Any ideas on how to fix these problems?

    Thanks for your time.

    William Estrada
    <<email address snipped>>
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