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    My Almost finished program

    I have been writing this program for about 3 months. I have it almost right it compiles and does everything it's mean to except 1 thing. The print part of it will not work and i am finding it very hard to find info about printing in C. I need to print 5 competitors a page and then re print the heading and print the next 5 i am tearing my hair out i cannot get this sorted could someone have a look and give me some pointers i would appreciate it a lot cheers Davie

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    That is an awful lot of code to ask someone to look at. Could you please be very specific in describing what part of the printing is not correct?

    As a guess, does the problem have to do with not being able to actually skip to the next page every 5 records?

    If so, then the form-feed character ASCII character is: '^L' , or in hexadecimal: 0Ch

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    Yeah sorry the bit of the code that is giving me the bother starts at line no. 267 It does print but it prints all of the records in the file and i only want 5 per page I'm stumped I've searched the web for hours and the college library but i can find no similar examples cheers for having a look anyway Davie

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