Thread: creating combinations of array values - recursion??

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    creating combinations of array values - recursion??

    I have about 10 arrays (this number is a variable, can be more or less) with a certain number of elements in each (again number fo elements can vary for each array).

    I need to create all combinations of these arrays.
    A simple ex:

    Array1: 1,2
    Array2: 4
    Array3: 5,6

    Output should be

    1 4 5
    1 4 6
    2 4 5
    2 4 6

    Would recusion be a good way of doing it?
    Or is there any other approach?

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    Recursion can work if you can come up with a base function that can be implemented to traverse your arrays to determine the unique combinations there of.

    What appears, from the surface, is that you have/need some sort of graphing algorithm that can be put together in how these arrays relate to one another. This will determin if array1 element 1 can be related/connected in some fashion to array3 element 6.

    A simple means of using for loops can to the job.

    The big question is what have you come up with as far as code?

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    Recursion is a very easy way of doing this. Though a loop seems like an even easier and more stack friendlier method.

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