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    Shared memory segments

    I have created a shared memory segment (which size is 64 bytes) using shmget, shmat e.t.c and i want to divide it into 2 areas. One area for input data and one area for output? How can i do that?

    Furthermore, When i have to write my input data into the shared memory segment i want to write something like this:

    a text messase, an integer, another integer

    Which function of c should i use? If i had to write only a text message and read it from another process i would use memcpy, but now i have the text messase and two integers (which i use as flags in my code).

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    So how do you think you should do it? No, I'm not asking to be silly - your thoughts are very much important here, for three reasons:
    1. We may well suggest something that you have already thought of.
    2. You (hopefully) unerstand more about the ACTUAL problem you are trying to solve.
    3. You will learn a whole lot more by solving the problem yourself.

    I can think of several solutions that MAY work, but it depends.

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