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    C code

    Adler-32 here is a code in zlib manual
    uLong adler;    //  adler32 value of the uncompressed data 
       uLong adler32 (uLong adler, const Bytef *buf, uInt len); 
    Update a running Adler-32 checksum with the bytes buf[0..len-1] and return the updated checksum. If buf is NULL, this function returns the required initial value for the checksum. 
    An Adler-32 checksum is almost as reliable as a CRC32 but can be computed much faster. Usage example: 
         uLong adler = adler32(0L, Z_NULL, 0);
         while (read_buffer(buffer, length) != EOF) {
           adler = adler32(adler, buffer, length);
         if (adler != original_adler) error();
    how adler32 works and help me to understand the code

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    Well, without seeing the actual code for "adler32", I have no idea how it works.;

    Wikipedia has this article, which may help:

    If you have specific questions, please ask those, not "how does this work", as it would take quite a bit of our time to answer something that you possibly already know, and completely miss the actual point you are asking for.

    Also, when you have code-tags, try to either break the lines yourself, or put comments regarding the code OUTSIDE the code-tags, as there is no automatic line-breaks inside code-tags, and it makes the text very hard to read.

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    Basically a continuation of this -
    If all you're going to do is go through the zlib code base, and post snippets of it with "what does this do", then you're in for a surprise.

    Start by visiting the home page, read all the documentation, and read up on compression theory.
    Then spend a few months learning C, to the point you can reasonably read most code.
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