Thread: Input of realtime data

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    Input of realtime data


    Example: i want to measure realtime temperature from a place where i have a temperature senzor- can the temperature be seen in the program made in C?

    Can this be done and if yes, how exactly?

    I need this for a school project.
    Any help is very welcome.


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    Of course you can.

    However, how easy this would be, and how you go about it depends on many things:
    - What OS are you running on the machine?
    - How is the temperature sensor connected to the machine - USB, Serial Port, Parallel port, etc?
    - Is there a suitable driver for the sensor already available that works in the OS you are using?
    - Is there either an API to access the sensor from an application, or do you have the specifications of how the sensor can be accessed through the driver?

    Unless there is a well-documents API, you may be in for a tricky task.

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