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    hey, I am writing a c program that searches a text file for a keyword and count the number of times it occurs in the text file.

    this is what I have so far

    printf("Enter A Single keyword:");
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    Even though fscanf isn't the safest function, this should work IF you care about keywords that are seperated with whitespaces. It won't find cat in the string "cats" for example, the latest being a bit more complicated but still easily achieved.

    You can also check fscanf for errors. It returns EOF when input error.

    Also, note that fscanf can easily cause a buffer oveflow in your program. Even if you give a big buffer for key_temp, the file might not contain whitespaces and might be long. This is a serious error for a generic word searcher. Lets say you want to scan a 2mb file. You will have to have a key_temp buffer 2mb just to be sure. Which means that you have to dynamically allocate space for your key_temp buffer.

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    1. See the FAQ for why feof() is wrong to control a loop.

    2. Read the manual page for strcmp() to find out what it returns when strings are equal.

    3. Having established equality, this is pointless (and wrong)
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    As Salem mentioned (keyword==key_temp), is not doing what you think it is doing unless you are comparing that the left and right side are in fact pointing to the same address space!

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