Thread: Guessing program Hm. Help

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    Guessing program Hm. Help

    The program is suppose to guess the value a user is thinking, the program askes if the number it guessed is higher or lower than the users value. Once the program find the correct number, the program is suppose to display " i knew i could to it" and once the user hits enter, it terminates. I can get the program to display the text. But, after i hit enter it backs in to the loop instead of terminating.

    Can any one help? Thanks,

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
    	int hi, lo, guess;
    	char answer;
    	hi = 100;
    	lo = 0;
    	guess = (hi - lo) / 2;
    	printf( "Pick a number and I will try to guess your number\n\n");
    	printf ("%d:", guess);
    	printf (" is this number lower(l), higher(h), or correct(c)");
    	switch (getchar())
    	case 'h':
    		hi = guess;
    		guess = lo + (hi - lo)/2;
    	case 'l':
    		lo = guess;
    		guess = lo + (hi - lo)/2;
    	case 'c':
    		printf(" I knew I could do it");
    while ( getchar()!= 'c');
    return 0;

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    That's because you have a getchar() in the end of your dowhile. If you hit c and return at that point, it will exit. You probably, however, would prefer to store the result of the original getchar() answer to the enter l, h or c.

    Also, are you sure this is right:
    guess = lo + (hi - lo)/2;

    I would have thought that the quess would be: guess = (hi + lo) / 2 always.

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    And this is C# not C topic group

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    Quote Originally Posted by C_ntua
    And this is C# not C topic group
    That's right, so this thread has been moved to the C programming forum.
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