Thread: Question about Video Encoding

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    Question about Video Encoding

    I'm not sure if this is too general a question to ask on this board, so please let me know if this is not appropriate.

    I'm wondering if there are any sites online that will give me the detailed specification for the exact structure popular video formats (like mpeg, realplayer, wmv, etc), with information such as this, which is for bmp:

    That is, which bits encode what, and what I need to know in order to decode frames of the video.

    I'm thinking about writing a program that can convert some popular formats into "keyframe only" format, and I feel like if I can decode the meaning in the video files, I might have a chance at doing that.


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    MPEG has a website, with some details about the spec -- google and you'll find it. I'm sure real and wmv are also findable, but that would take more effort than I'm willing to put it in right now

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    There are already codecs that do that for you. They are called lossless. One example if huffyuv.
    You also need to take into account the container. The container contains the video, the audio, subtitles and more. There are a few popular formats.
    The old avi. The somewhat rare ogm. The standard mp4. The all-powerful mkv.
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