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    Using Double...

    I made this code for show how many digits have a number, example...

    Enter a number: 546
    The number have 3 digits.

    with int he works fine, but i canīt make he work with double.

     double n, c;
     char resposta = 's';
       printf("          ****************************************************\n");
       printf("          *   Infomar a quantidade de digitos de um numero:  *\n");
       printf("          ****************************************************\n");
       printf("\n Digite um numero: ");
     	scanf("%lf", &n);
        for(c = 0; n; n /= 10)
    	printf("\n ----> O numero possui %lf digitos.", c);
       printf(" Deseja Continuar S/N?: ");
    	scanf( "\n %c", &resposta );
      }while(toupper(resposta) == 'S');

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    What's the problem? Guess: it never ends.

    Because if you have 12.2 inserted you will have:
    12.2 / 10 = 1.22 / 10 = 0.122 / 10 = 0.0122 etc etc. So n will alwasy be !=0 thus true that the while loop will never end. You might want n < 0 or n < 0.0001 (something small).


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    Quote Originally Posted by C_ntua View Post
    or n < 0.0001 (something small).
    This is called an epsilon value and is essential when comparing doubles to just about any value.

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