Thread: find more than one minimum

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    Question find more than one minimum

    Hey everybody,

    I'm wondering if there is any way to find the last 5 min from the input data in a regular c program by using array.

    I got maximum, average ,and minimum.

    but, I'm looking for five minimum or as many numbers less than the average.

    thank you.

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    The same way you find the actual minimum. You scan through; if the number is one of the five smallest numbers so far, put it in the correct spot.

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    Just sort it, then select the members you want.

    Sorting it will also allow you to do other things more easily.

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    If you keep a sorted list of the X minimums, then you can compare with the "biggest minimum", and if it's less than that, then insert the new into the list (dropping the biggest one). That is O(n), so a bit better than O(nlogn) that a sort would be.

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