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    Lightbulb Queue function

    Suppose s structure function is defined as:
    typedef struct node {
                     char *name;
                     char phone[9];
                     struct node *next;
                     } queue;
    I need to write a function void insert_queue( queue **q_front, queue **q_rear, char *str, char str_num[]), such that *q_front point to the 1st node, *q_rear point to the last node. It adds new node with name str and phone str_num at the end queue while updating q_rear and q_front.

    I came out with the below definition but the program don't work. Hope anyone can spot my error. Thanks
    void insert_queue( queue **q_front, queue **q_rear, char *str, char str_num[]){
    * q_front= (queue*) malloc(sizeof (struct node));
    * q_front-> name= *str;
    * q_front-> phone= str_num;
    * q_front-> next= NULL;
    if (*q_rear !=NULL)
    *q_rear= *q_front;
    return *q_rear;

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    * q_front= (queue*) malloc(sizeof (struct node));
    Don't cast malloc - it may hide problems, and nothing good ever comes from it.

    *q_rear= *q_front;
    Are you supposed to ALWAYS set this?

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