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    Reading/Writing Excel Files

    we have been given a uni assignment to model the performance of a car as it accelerates from 0-60mph using c code. this is all fine but now that i have the data i need to write it to an excel file from the appropiate arrays. any ideas aboput how to go about this. i know how to write to a .txt file but nothing else !!!
    many thanks

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    Write it out in CSV format (it's just a simple text format).
    Then read it in with excel.
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    cheers that opens it in excel but all in 1 column any idea how to get it to read out into different ones

    x1 y1
    x2 y2
    x3 y3

    cos at the moment it is


    cheers hugh

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    Did you write it out with commas?

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    cheers prob sorted !!!

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