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    Program Display


    I am using the Dev-C++ compiler and editor and have noticed that when i try to run a program, the results flash so fast i cannot see it? For example, this program to compute the alternative in ASCII tables. It seems as though if i just press the enter key, my result is 10, but should i try to type a character it flashes on my screen too fast. Any ideas on how to stop this so i can actually see the results??


    int main ()
        printf("please input a character:\n");
        char a=getchar();
        printf("char is %c with value %d\n",a,a);

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    Run the program from the command line. Either that or add a line like system("pause"); at the end of it, although system("Pause"); isn't the best way of doing it, there are lots of other alternatives, which I'm sure others on here will mention.

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    I have just figured it...i use the getchar(); twice since my program requires 2 outputs

    many thanks
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