Thread: Palindrome, problem with isalpha

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    Palindrome, problem with isalpha (solved)

    I don't know if I am implementing isalpha() correctly and doing something else wrong or it's in the wrong place. Where I have the isalpha now, once I compile and run it, it say everything is palindrome, which is definitely not right. What am I doing wrong?


    Here is the palindrome function, I don't think I need to post the main because it was given by my professor and there is no need to change it. If you need it, just say so.

    int is_palindrome(const char *message)
    	int k = tolower(strlen(message) - 1);
    	int j;
    	for(j = 0; j <= k; j++)
    		if(isalpha(tolower(message[j]) != tolower(message[k]))) 
    			return 0;
    	return 1;
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    I can think of no valid purpose for isalpha to serve here. The result of != is always either 0 or 1, and neither of those are alphabetical characters in ASCII.

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    In other words: "My program is not functioning correctly. I am thinking it is the result of a function that has been widely in-use for almost three decades."

    Does that about sum it up? Because that isn't even a question, buddy.

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