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    graphics in C

    hi people .... is my first msg evr so plz forgive me if i break ne rules :-(

    i donot understand how to set graphic modes in C
    as in how to set 640*480 mode or ne other mode
    i know BGI's are slow so maybe in assembly but how i dont understand even from the tuorial
    so plz if sum1 could help me
    thanx a lot

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    You are talking about a 'screen mode'. Well it depends on your operating system. In most new operating systems I'm not sure if it is possible anymore because video is accessed through API's that operate in kernal mode.

    You can go to my website at:

    Look under the graphics section. The code must be used with Borland, and not the newest version of Borland. You mentioned BGI so maybe it will help.

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