Thread: Help with segmentation fault please!

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    Help with segmentation fault please!

    I have an assignment to implement a module for something called a SIX Lock. It's basically a complex locking mechanism used for concurrent data access. In any case I'm getting a segmentation fault that I've traced to one line of code but cannot figure out why!

    So I have this "class" implementing this SIXlock structure as defined below:

    typedef struct
    	pthread_mutex_t mutex;			/*our mutex*/
    	pthread_cond_t not_locked;		/*cond variable */
    	SIXlock_mode_t groupMode;		/*our overall group mode*/
    	pthread_t *myThreads;			/*pointer to threads*/
    	SIXlock_mode_t *grantedMode;	/*lock mode of each thread */
    	int numThreads;				/*number of threads in array*/
    } SIXlock_lock_t;
    Yup...I'm using the pthreads library and that's about it.
    So I have this create function which starts off like this:

    /Function: 	SIXlock_create
    /Input:		Pointer to a SIXlock object
    /Output:	Returns parameter pointer pointing to created lock
    /		Returns SIXlock_result_t notifying the user of the success/failure
    SIXlock_result_t SIXlock_create(SIXlock_lock_t **lockPointer)
    	int i;
    	lockPointer = NULL;
    	/*setup memory allocation*/
    	lockPointer = (SIXlock_lock_t **)malloc(sizeof( SIXlock_lock_t ));
    	/*if error, return result*/
    	if(lockPointer == NULL)
    	pthread_mutex_init(&((*lockPointer)->mutex), NULL);
    but when it gets to the:

    pthread_mutex_init(&((*lockPointer)->mutex), NULL);

    line, it throws a segmentation fault. Can someone please help????

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    You haven't got the right indirection when setting your lockpointer - it should be
    *lockpointer = malloc(...);
    Note also that you SHOULD NOT cast malloc in C - if you are using a C++ compiler, then it may be acceptable (but then you should be using new/delete!)

    Edit: And of course the
    lockpointer = NULL;
    should be
    *lockpointer = NULL;
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    Thanks! Wow...don't know how I couldn't figure that one out

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