Thread: Matrice Recursive Determinant Calculation

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    Matrice Recursive Determinant Calculation

    Hi i have problems calculating the determinant of more than a 2 x2 can anyone help

     nt determinant(int matrix_temp[10][10],int size_matrice)   //Get the minor of the matrice
     int i,j,determinant_sum = 0;
     int matrice[10][10];//matrice[maximum][maximum]
      {                                        //basic step
    	determinant_sum = matrix_temp[0][0]*matrix_temp[1][1] - matrix_temp[0][1]*matrix_temp[1][0];
    	return determinant_sum;
     for(int count=0;count<size_matrice;count++)
      int h = 0,k = 0;
    	for( j=0;j<size_matrice;j++)
    	 matrice[h][k] = matrix_temp[i][j];
    	 if(k == size_matrice-1)
    		 k = 0;
    //recursive formula
      determinant_sum = determinant_sum + matrix_temp[0][count]*pow(-1,count)*determinant(matrice,size_matrice-1);
      //Force the sum to return an "int" result 
     return determinant_sum;

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    You managed to not write down the recursive formula very well, in that putting the word "sum" in a variable name does not make the program give you a sum. For instance in a 3x3 matrix you would need to compute
    matrix_temp[0][0]*pow(-1,0)*determinant(minor(matrix_temp, 0, 0), 2) +
    matrix_temp[0][1]*pow(-1,1)*determinant(minor(matrix_temp, 0, 1), 2) +
    matrix_temp[0][2]*pow(-1,2)*determinant(minor(matrix_temp, 0, 2), 2)

    Notice in your code that only one of those lines happens. Notice also that you will have to write a function to get the minor, and that the function to get the minor has to know which row and which column to eliminate.

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