Thread: memory allocation for strcpy

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    memory allocation for strcpy

    Hi all,

    Suppose i have a char variable pointer, and i allocated memory using malloc. is it different between using strcpy and assigned value directly to this pointer?
    char *s1;
    s1 = (char *)malloc(80);
    s1 = "Test"                                 //assigned value directly to variable pointer S1
    strcpy(s1, "hallo")                      //using strcpy to copy "hallo" to s1
    in term of memory, are both use the same memory that has allocated by malloc ??

    thanks you for you answer

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    No it's not the same memory. If you need space for a string, use malloc.
    Once you've allocated memory for it, don't re-assign the pointer for example:

    char *s1 = malloc(80);
    strcpy(s1, "hallo")                      //using strcpy to copy "hallo" to s1
    s1 = "Test"                                 // Here we would lose the address of the allocated memory...
    s1 will point to a memory location that you specify, so in your example, you've already lost the address of the allocated memory when you assigned "Test" to it, which by the way is inconsistent with what you're doing.

    btw: you don't need to cast the return value of malloc() in C.

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    Your code demonstrates exactly why string literals should always be assigned to a const char * (or const char* if you are Elysia).

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