Thread: A simple doubt which striked me while reading OS

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    A simple doubt which striked me while reading OS

    while i was reading Operating System Concepts by Abraham Silberchatz i was confused because in file systems chapter in directory implementation it was written that the simplest method of implementing directory is to use a linear list, however its real disadvantage is that finding a file requires a linear search. Then it's written that a binary search can also be done on list if it's kept in sorted order.
    I am confused as to can we do a binary search on linked list??is it possible? i mean in array we can directly access the element at specified location but in linked list there is no such provision.

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    You are confusing a LINEAR LIST with a LINKED LIST. You can't, as you say, use binary search on a linked list. A linear list is the same as a vector or array, and you most certainly can use a binary search in a linear list.

    There are also implementations that use Binary Search Trees.

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    People like him are how we ended up with FAT16.

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    Quote Originally Posted by master5001 View Post
    People like him are how we ended up with FAT16.
    This quote is awesome.

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