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    Pointer variables

    I have a question about pointers. I want to take the address stored in a pointer and store it in an unsigned char... yeah, it's not big enough, i know, but it works for what im doing i think. Only problem is, everything I try yields the wrong result. I have two variables, ip and main_mem, both unsigned chars:

    *ip = (unsigned char *) *main_mem + 1;
    and then I tried:

    memcpy ((unsigned char *) ip, (unsigned char *) main_mem);
    So if this doesn't work, how do i do it? If more source is needed or if anyone wants an explanation, let me know. Thanks guys!!!
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    Aside from it being a stupid thing to do, this should work:
    unsigned char c;
    int *p;
    c = (unsigned char)p;
    You could also, if you want to use memcpy() do:
    memcpy(&c, p, sizeof(unsigned char));
    However, depending on the byte-ordering (little endian or big endian) you may get "the wrong end" of the pointer that way.

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