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    A real program

    I have a question about how "real" programs are created. I'm trying to understand C so i went to sourceforge and download a MUD (multi user dungeon) written in C.
    When I looked in the .zip I noticed that there were many,many .c files. Why are there so many .c files in most programs? Why not write the program in one .c file?

    I know there is a reason that it is done this way,I just don't know why? Can someone explain. How are all these different files combined to create an .exe?

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    Who in their right mind wants to deal with one 30000 line file?

    I'm sure someone on the internet has posted the steps needed to make an executable (compile, assemble, link).

    (Plus this way you only have to recompile the one file that changes, when the inevitable happens; and files can be transferred bodily from one project to another.)

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    > How are all these different files combined to create an .exe?
    Usually, there's a top-level readme.txt file, and a top-level file called "Makefile".

    You read the readme.txt, then type 'make' at the command line and go find something else to do for a while.
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    Ok, I've seen make files in my IDE. Netbeans requires you to make a project for your code- in this project are several files-.c,make and a few others

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabstop View Post
    Who in their right mind wants to deal with one 30,000 line file?
    Urgh, I have to maintain one of those and I can tell you it's not fun.

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