Thread: How do you call another source code file?

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    How do you call another source code file?

    So I finished the first part of my program... but he called and he wanted me to split it up into different sections of the program. Like into another source code. How do I call another source code thats in a different source code file, but yet in the same source folder?

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    That sounds like more a matter of convention than anything else. Anyway, I recommend compiling libarary files (.a or .lib files) and using headers to define the functions in the archives.

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    You don't "call" another source file. You can split your single source file into multiple source files and have individual functions in one of those files call other functions in other source files. All you'd need to figure out is how to compile/link the source/object files (this is usually done in modern IDEs by creating a project and adding all the source files to the project) and also make sure that functions in one source file that need to call the functions in other source files know about the names and return types and arguments of those other functions (and that's done with headers and function prototypes).
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