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    printf and scanf

    void gather_info(char *bread, char *doubleLoaf, char *manualBake)
    	printf("White or Sweet bread? (w/s) ");
    	scanf("%c", bread);
    	printf("\nDouble loaf? (y/n) ");
    	scanf("%c", doubleLoaf);
    	printf("\nManual bake? (y/n) ");
    	scanf("%c", manualBake);
    void greeting(char *bread, char *doubleLoaf, char *manualBake)
    	printf("The Bread Factory\n\n");
    	printf("I'm getting hungry, let's make some bread!\n\n");
    	gather_info(bread, doubleLoaf, manualBake);
    greeting(&bread, &doubleLoaf, &manualBake);
    When I enter in anything for the first prompt White or Sweet bread? (w/s), both of the other prompts are printed simultaneously and I can only enter one more value... what's going on??

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