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    fscanf function

    I am trying to read lines from a text file, but am having a few issues. To explain this better, I will give you 4 lines from the text file (the text files cannot be edited):

    [2007.12.17 07:17:19] df85f856d92472bd57d893701d7bb164 "H0TEL" "" ACI-FILE-BLOCKER
    [2007.12.18 04:34:14] 0fdf1920b0e2c6efde8afd993f518c63 "Er wars" "" ACI-MD5TOOL
    [2008.01.01 02:13:08] cfb78e7b36bd4efabb68daa3f49bfe62 "brn2kil" "" ACI-KEYGEN
    [9999.99.99 99:99:99] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz "zz" "999.999.999.999" END

    The 2 parts I really need scanned in, are the 32 character string and the part in quotes directly following it.

    Here is the code I am using to scan it:
    while(year < 9999){
            fscanf(sensor1, "[%i.%i.%i %i:%i:%i] %s %s \"%i.%i.%i.%i\" %s\n", &year, &month, &day, &hour, &min, &sec, guid1, name, &ip1, &ip2, &ip3, &ip4, ban);
            fprintf(sensor2, "%s %s\n", guid1, name, ban);
            printf("%s - %i.%i.%i.%i\n", guid1, ip1, ip2, ip3, ip4);

    sensor1 and sensor2 are file pointers and all the variables except guid1, name, and ban are ints. Those three are char arrays.

    When it reads the file above, the first line is read perfectly and prints:
    df85f856d92472bd57d893701d7bb164 -

    The second line is then read and it prints:
    0fdf1920b0e2c6efde8afd993f518c63 -
    That is not correct, the 32 character string is good, but the IP address is the same as the previous. Also the file that it is printing to looks like this:
    0fdf1920b0e2c6efde8afd993f518c6 "Er

    What I want it to do, for that second line, is print this on the screen:
    0fdf1920b0e2c6efde8afd993f518c63 -
    and this in the file:
    0fdf1920b0e2c6efde8afd993f518c6 "Er wars"

    So basically is there a way to allow anywhere from 0 to 8 spaces in a name?

    It also has trouble when the file hits the year 2008 for some reason. I'm thinking maybe because its date is like 2008.01.01 instead of 2008.1.1 .

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

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    If you had examined the return value of fscanf, you would find that the second fscanf returns 8, meaning it matched 8 of the format specifiers, but then the format went bad. Once the format goes bad, nothing else gets read in. (Even on the next line, or anything.)

    In any event, %s does not read in anything with spaces in it, ever. You should look into the scanset specifier, turning those %s into something like \"%[^\"]\" or similar. (Unless you need the quotes or something.)

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    If the field(s) which could contain spaces are always the same, which they appear to be in your example, and they are always bracketed somehow (the first field with [], the third with ""), then you could use strtok and modify the delimiters this way:

    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main (int argc, char *argv[]) {
    	char *tok, line[]="[2007.12.18 04:34:14] 0fdf1920b0e2c6efde8afd993f518c63 \"Er wars\"";
    	printf("%s\n", tok);        //2007.12.18 04:34:14
    	tok=strtok(NULL," ");
    	printf("%s\n", tok);       //0fdf1920b0e2c6efde8afd993f518c63
    	printf("%s\n", tok);     //Er wars
    Obviously, you would have to apply fscanf to *tok at the appropriate point in order to extract your from field 1, etc.

    Do read up on strtok if you haven't used it before, too.
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    scanset is the most likely way to go.
    fscanf(sensor1, "[%i.%i.%i %i:%i:%i] %s \"%[a-zA-Z0-9 ]\" \"%i.%i.%i.%i\" %s\n", &year, &month, &day, 
        &hour, &min, &sec, guid1, name, &ip1, &ip2, &ip3, &ip4, ban);

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    I would also recommend reading in the entire line with fgets and then parsing it yourself with strtok or scanf.

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    Scanset worked perfectly.

    I am fairly new to the C language and haven't learned the scanset function. It seems like an invaluable tool. Thanks for the input!

    BTW here is the resulting code.
        while(ip1 < 999){
            fprintf(sensor2, "&#37;s %s %s\n", guid1, name, ban);
            printf("%s - %s - %i.%i.%i.%i\n", guid1, name, ip1, ip2, ip3, ip4);
            fscanf(sensor1, "[%[^\]]] %s \"%[^\"]\"  \"%i.%i.%i.%i\" %s\n", date, guid1, name, &ip1, &ip2, &ip3, &ip4, ban);    

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    I agree with QuantumPete.
    The line is so complex that should it fail, you've got a lot of work to try to figure out how to get back "in sync" with the input.
    Separating input from conversion makes for a simpler life IMO.
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