Thread: debugging segmentation fault

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    debugging segmentation fault

    When I run the program it gives me a segmentation fault, the most annoying thing is that it doesn't tell me where this error occurs? Is there any way or an option in gcc, where I can show an option to show where this error occurs?

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    Yeah, run it in the debugger.

    gcc -g prog.c
    gdb a.out

    Sit back and wait, or interact with the program as normal.

    When it blows up, use the 'bt' command to reveal all.
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    With gdb you can step through your code and it'll abend at sigsegv.

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    the program takes an input file from stdin , so how do I modify this?

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    set arg < blah.txt
    will make gdb redirect blah.txt to stdin in your application.

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