Thread: hi , i'm having a problem with pointers in C ...

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    Question hi , i'm having a problem with pointers in C ...

    I will give a simple example inspired from my problem :
    void change(int *x, int *y){x=y;}
    int main(){
    int *xx,*yy;
    yy = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int));
    if(xx == NULL)printf("is null\n");
    else printf("---- %d ----\n",*xx);
    .................................................. .........
    xx doesn't point to the value of yy (*yy) , the program prints "is null" . Why ?

    xx and yy must be declared int* , it's something that i must do in my program . and xx =yy must be done in a function , not in main .


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    Since your swap function only changes the local variables inside the function change, you will not see any effect in main. To modify a pointer, you need to pass a pointer to pointer - this applies to all of C: to change something, you need to know it's location, so you need a pointer.

    Considering that xx could be just about any value in the world that can be held in a pointer, who knows what is going to happen. Only yy is initialized.

    It's exactly the same as:
    int x;
    printf("%d\n", x);
    x could be all values that are valid for an integer.

    Unless a local variable is actually given a value, it will have whatever value happens to be in it's location in memory.

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    So your code that changes the pointer should look like:

    void change(int **x, int **y)
    // ...
    change (&xx, &yy);

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