Thread: state machine using function pointers

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    state machine using function pointers

    I would like to use function pointers to code a state machine.
    That is if I have the following events possible in 2 states S1, S2

    S1: E1, E2
    S2: E3, E4

    and I have processing functions for all possible events for all states, and corresponding function pointers

    fpS1E1, fpS1E2, fpS2E3, fpS2E4, corresponding to the processing of a particular event in a particular state.

    Now if I define a function pointer two dimensional array like
    void  *fpArray[][]() =  { {fpS1E1,fpS1E2}, {fpS2E3,fpS2E4}};
    and if 
    #define S1 0
    #define S2 1
    #Define E1 0
    #define E2 1,
    state = S1;
    while (1)
         eventid = receive_event();
    where typically inside function 
    fpS1E1() { ...
                      state = S2 (any new state)
    the state machine will function right? Or is there any problem in my logic/code?
    I have omitted function pointer initialisations( fpS1E1 = s1e1function and the like)

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    No. You aren't actually calling the functions.

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