Thread: Problem with default font in graphical mode

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    Of course it would be a waste of time to complain to faculty.

    Similarly, messing with the properties of "cmd" seems flawed (assuming you got the terminology right) since that's a 32-bit program. What you really want to change are the properties of NTVDM, as it applies to the particular 16-bit program you're trying to run (I've no idea, I lost interest in the details long ago).

    Right-clicking on your Turbo C IDE icon might get you there.

    Finding a machine which "does it right", and searching the registry for entries which may indicate how Turbo C is run (and comparing them with the same entries on your machine) again may offer clues.

    > int gDriver=3,gMode=1; //650x350
    > initgraph(&gDriver,&gMode,"");
    Mmm - what does your manual say?
    pathtodriver specifies the directory path where initgraph looks for graphics drivers. initgraph first looks in the path specified in pathtodriver, then (if they are not there) in the current directory. Accordingly, if pathtodriver is null, the driver files (*.BGI) must be in the current directory. This is also the path settextstyle searches for the stroked character font files (*.CHR).
    Are they?

    Further, are they in a directory structure which conforms to 8.3 notation all the way to the files?

    What about checking whether the driver was successfully loaded, rather than assuming all is well?
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    I`m sure problem problem isn`t in Turbo C IDE

    You can assume test program looks like that small part of code posted here (libraries not included). So it`s all about printing "1" with default font and size in upper left corner of the screen.
    Driver file EGAVGA.BGI is in the same directory as executable and it is being loaded correctly, just checked. Problem is in with default font, which is not defined in CHR file, with all other fonts there are no problems. So, I suppose program is using VGA OEM Hardware Font.

    Is there something I could change for NTVDM? (forget about Turbo C, now talking about already built test software) Didn`t see anything special to change under right-click -> properities.

    Where should I look in registry?
    At school (school`s machines does it right) teacher suggested to check 2 registry entries. I remember only one:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Nls

    As much as i compared they were identical. I didn`t compare all, cause MUILanguages has a lots of subentries.

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