Thread: Developing GUI app with C

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    Developing GUI app with C

    Hi to everybody, this happen to be my first post here and I`m hoping for good answers.
    I am very new in C, is GUI application possible in C? I`m coming from python, I have used the Tkinter and pyGTK for GUI in python. Most all the GUI APIs are written in C++ because of the OO structure.

    If it is pssible just point me to small tutorial on it, but i`m not using it yet, I have to master the C syntax then later I will start real GUI applications.

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    You can use the cross-platform GTK, or the Win32 API for windows.
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    I've been learning gtk+ 2.0 in C (it's implimented in C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby) and think it's great. I don't know how popular it is on windows, altho a lot of the people on seem to be windows users. You can have a look at my latest project too, it needs updating but it works.

    Of course, my word might not be worth much as the only the GUI stuff I've done before this was in perl/Tk (you did python?). gtk+ 2.0 seems trickier than tk because there's more to it.
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