I am needing some assistance with this samll problem that I am having. I am trying to simply

Some food items and all non-food items are subject to a statewide sales tax and local district taxes. Due to differences in district taxes, each store uses a different tax rate.
Del Mar - 7.25%
Encinitas - 7.5%
La Jolla - 7.75%
Expected Results/Impact when completed:

C program that displays the sales tax amount for each store location for a purchase amount of $125.00.

But after doing it all it will not show anything on the excute screen. Any advice?

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
//Declare Variables
float fsubtotal, taxdelmar, taxencinitas, taxlajolla;
float fCost;//calculation operator
int iResponse = 0;

fCost = 0;


return 0;