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    Bit fields problem

    Hi all,
    I am experiencing a problem with bit fields. I have simplified my original code to a code snippet below:

    In the code below, what is wrong with the static const initialization?
    I am expecting name3 and name4 to have a value of 7 in variable num OR a value of 1 for a,b,c.

    However I see only value of 1 for "a" only in those 2 cases.

    The first two name1 and name2 work fine.

    typedef union 
            unsigned char a         : 1,
                                    b          : 1,
                                    c         : 1,
                                              : 5;
        unsigned char num;
    static const STNAME c1 = 
    static const STNAME c2 = 
    	(0x01 | 0x02| 0x03)
    int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    	STNAME name1;
    	name1.a = 0x1;
    	name1.b = 0x1;
    	name1.c = 0x1;
    	STNAME name2;
    	STNAME name3;
    	name3 = c1; // does not assign 0x7 (or 1 to each of a,b,c)
    	STNAME name4;
    	name4 = c2; // does not  assign 0x7(or 1 to each of a,b,c)
    	return 0;
    Thanks .
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    My guess would be that if you assign 1 to a, and then print num, you get 128.

    The bit-order for bit-fields is compiler dependant, so you would have to take that into account when ordering the bits in the bitfield struct.

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    > In the code below, what is wrong with the static const initialization?
    You can't initialise a union IIRC.

    Some compilers allow you to initialise the first member, in which case it would be something like
    static const STNAME c1 = 
    	{ 1, 1, 1 }
    The rest is as matsp says.
    Everything about bit-fields is implementation dependent. Trying to overlay a bit-field with a union with something else is never going to give you good answers you can rely on.
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