Thread: Correct usage of malloc and free for 2D array

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    Correct usage of malloc and free for 2D array

    I have a program that requires to create and delete a 2D array of variable size, hence the dynamic usage. However I wish to ask a simple question about the correct or recommended usage. For example, where should I reallocate the memory, should I simply free up the memory and use another allocation of memory i.e. memory allocation double etc should be done once...

    or should be done in the loop

    double **ptrBeadArrayOld = NULL;
    ptrBeadArrayOld = (double **)malloc(BeadTotal * sizeof(double *));
    for (i = 0; i< BeadTotal; i++)

    or do I simply declare once?

    double **ptrBeadArrayOld = NULL;

    at the beginning of the program?? Thanks
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    Are you asking about whether you should determine the final size of the array and then allocate once, versus filling up the array and expanding when necessary?
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