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    pointer confusion

    What exactly happens in this program
    void main()
      char str1[]="Italy";
      char str2[2]="Rome";
      char *s1=str1,*s2=str2;
      while(*s1++ = *s2++);
    according to me *s1++ = *s2++ will increment the pointer not the value pointed by it and then it stores the s2++ address inn to it.

    But i dont know how the while loop is is supposed to be an infinite loop since we are assigning s1 and s2 and not comparing any condition ????

    I am confused how the str1 points to rome at the end printf statement

    Please explain me what really happens at the back ???


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    while(x = y) evaluates the same as while((x = y) != 0), and aside from x getting the value of y, it's the same as while(y != 0). The fact that you are using pointers and autoincrement doesn't change this basic principle.

    char str2[2]="Rome";
    Rome is also longer than 2 characters - 5 is the correct number here.

    Also note that if you were to use, say, Napoli instead of Rome, you would have to specify a longer space for str1, as it is longer than "Italy".

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