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    if else problem

    i am having trouble trying to convert a 0 or 1 into an X or O.
    here is my print function of the program
    char print(int row1col1, int row1col2, int row1col3)
       char X;                
       char O;     
       if (row1col1 == 1) 
          row1col1 = X;          
       else row1col1 = O;   
       if (row1col2 == 1)            
          row1col2 = X;          
       else row1col2 = O;
       if (row1col3 == 1)
          row1col3 = X;
       else row1col3 = O;   
       printf("\n|%s| |%s| |%s|", row1col1, row1col2, 
    when i dont try and convert, i get a randomly selected 0 and 1's so i know i am creating it right but when i use the if else above i get a
    |(null)| |(null)| |(null)| as output. so please help.....

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    X and O are undefined. Maybe try:
       char X='X';                
       char O='O';
    Or, simply do:
       if (row1col1 == 1) 
          row1col1 = 'X';          
       else row1col1 = 'O';

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    row1col1, row1col2, row1col3 aren't strings but the printf makes them out to be.

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    yea that worked thanks everyone

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