Thread: Getting all the computer memory

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    Getting all the computer memory

    How would one go about printing out the contents of the memory to the screen (the raw data)? Would the OS stop your program if you were attempting to read the memory from other programs running on the system?

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    You could set up a loop to start at address 0, attempt to print the character to the screen, and then advance your pointer one byte, and repeat that sequence until the end of memory.

    However, you would have to set your program up to be able to handle signals, (via signal handlers), because you would certainly get seg faults and access errors and who knows what other errors. All these signals would have to be handled, and you would have to be able to recover from them and continue in your loop.
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    Your looking to read other programs memory?

    Well, you could alway make a .dll and inject it into the program. Then finally, read the memory of this single program.

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    On what OS?
    You can probably do it with DOS pretty easily, but Windows & UNIX both use virtual memory, so I'm sure it would be a lot harder.
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    Swarvy, it's platform dependant as to how and if it is even possible.
    You can't even address memory directly in a user mode program in Windows. Every app is given its own seperate address space. The same address in difference programs points to different data!
    I'm not going to tell you about APIs that allow you to read memory from other programs because if you don't know how it should probably stay that way, in my opinion. There are very few valid reasons to ever do it.
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