Thread: typedef struct from .h and .c

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    typedef struct from .h and .c


    Here is my problem:

    I declare the vector struct in my .h file and then try to access its fields in the .c file. I did declare a variable of type vector. However, I get a compiler error saying that 'vector has no member named' [x] where x is the fields I defined in my struct. Here is my struct def in the .h file:
    typedef struct {
    void* elems;
    int elemSize;
    int logLength;
    int allocLength;
    } vector;
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    I'd have to see your .c code as well. Since so far, you haven't declared much of anything. Just a typedef.

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    I like guessing: you are using -> when the left side is not a pointer (in which case you just use .), or vice versa.

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