Thread: C struct and a bit of yacc

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    C struct and a bit of yacc

    I have the following code in yacc:

    typedef struct data {
         int type;
         union {
            float f;
            char *str;
            int v;
         } d;
    } data;
       data *typ;  ==> error occurs here in the
       char* stringcon;
       char charcon;
       char *id;
    %type <typ> expr
    however it gives me an error : error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before ‚data‚

    Can someone tell me why?

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    How about listening to and heeding to the words of your compiler. I see an error on line 22 that causes line 24 to become confused. Please just copy and paste code directly next time.

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    you have the same name for the typedef and the struct, thats name must be different.
      typedef struct strdata {...} data;

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    Quote Originally Posted by evaristoyoka
    you have the same name for the typedef and the struct, thats name must be different.
    No, that is fine. The typedef defines data as an alias for struct data.
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