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    Question Implementing C in html,Newbie Here

    In C im absolutely new! Im actually designing a basic web design thingy. I got everything set except for the final touch on which instruction said to have a C program that could be found on the net incorporated into the HTMl, i know it could be done with javascript etc but instructions were to use C. So i got these source codes which need to be finished, the files are below.

    Please lads, could u help me out, the lad that gave me said it just needed a final touch and help could be gotten from this forum and thats why i signed up.

    Thank you lots of love!!

    I forgot to mention its supposed to be a test like thingy! the questions are on the text file, please guys, any help would be appreciated!!
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    Compiled the program (bad indenting bad anyways).
    There are many errors. I started debugging it. Most of the errors where because the questions file is in a bad format, meaning that it has to be in a specific format to work.

    Do these for starters.
    1) In main.c change the first line to #include "main.h" since that is how you name the header file
    2) Change the file to questions.dat not .txt
    3) The questions have to start from @Q (almost, has a small bug) and the answers from @A
    4) The answers have to be 1, 2, 3, 4 not A,B,C,D

    It can be debugged, but it needs some work

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    Also, the answers given for question 5 is wrong.

    5. How many letters are in the Alphabet (American)?
    A. 36
    B. 30
    C. 43
    D. 28
    There are 26 letters in the Alphabet.

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