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    Meaning of Code Lines

    Dear All,
    While analysing project code..i am not able to understand following peace of code..code any body help me out this?

    #ifdef QAC
    #pragma PRQA_MESSAGES_OFF 3409, 3410

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    #ifdef XX
    checks if there is a macro defined with the name XX. I would expect that QAC is a "compiler defined macro".
    #pragma YYYY
    is a compiler specific instruction to the compiler. In this case, it looks like it's disabling some warning messages - but that would be something you need to look at the specific compiler to find out.

    #endif is the end of #if or #ifdef.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matsp View Post
    #ifdef XX
    checks if there is a macro defined with the name XX. I would expect that QAC is a "compiler defined macro".

    Did you mean constant?
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    No, macro would be more correct.

    #define FOO
    #ifdef FOO
    /* something */
    You'd get that something.

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    The OP may be asking what the general intent of the code is.

    It is designed to suppress the specified warning messages. You'd have to look up what the 3409 and 3410 messages talk about and why it would be OK to suppress such messages.

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