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    errors on debug

    Hey guys,

    I am writing a program for an assignment that uses functions to allow the user to input a base and an exponent, and to display the power raised to the exponent and exit via a menu.

    One of the functions is for the power calculation, which my friend helped me with, but when I go to debug my program, I am getting two syntax errors, and some weird error about how the function for power has too few arguments for call.

    I think my while loop for the menu might be a little wrong also.

    I have attached my source code for you to look at.

    Note: DO NOT send me a completed program!

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    It's just
    result = calculate_Power(base, exponent);
    when you call it.
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    If you write something like
    if (base >= min && base <= max)
        return 1;
    Then what results in terms of program execution is that the if statement does nothing, and the return statement always executes. This type of mistake is repeated throughout the program several times... look over your code closer.

    It also seems that your main while loop and program flow should depend on the variable c since that has what the user wants to do as a value.

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